Perform keyword research in a breeze

See monthly search volume, competition, SERP results, estimated traffic volume and estimated CPC

Why is keyword research so important for good rankings?

Focus your Efforts

Identify the best keyword prospects for content production or optimization so you can focus your efforts on keywords that rank

Outmanoeuvre Competitors

Measure competitors’ keyword strategies and back-engineer their rank performance so you can outmanoeuvre them

Align with User Search Intent

Ensure you’re creating content and landing pages for keywords that people are actually searching for

Uncover New Opportunities

Uncover new keyword opportunities adjacent to your subject niche with low competition and sufficient search volume

See search volume insights and opportunities quickly

Gain an unfair advantage over your competitors by revealing the organic search volume of over 3 billion tracked keywords in our database.

When you use Keyword Research Tool it shows search volume for not just your target keyword but also 9 other adjacent, high volume keyword opportunities that contain your target keyword.

This helps you build, refine and shortlist keyword opportunities much faster than other keyword research tools.

Gauge the keyword difficulty of each target keyword string

Let’s face it, organic search is highly competitive and getting to position 1 is no easy task.

But with the help of Keyword Research Tool you can identify which search terms have the lowest keyword difficulty (ie: lowest competition) and shortlist those terms accordingly.

By pairing high search volume and low keyword difficulty scores, you can rank quickly and effectively to deliver real increases in your keyword rankings and therefore in your organic search traffic.

Predict estimated traffic volume & equivalent CPCs

In addition to showing search volume, Keyword Research Tool also shows the estimated traffic volume for each keyword.

With these two data points you can estimate the effective click through rate on each search term and target the search terms that tend to drive more traffic.

For marketers also running paid search campaigns, Keyword Research Tool shows an equivalent CPC (Cost Per Click) for each term so you can estimate your ROI on organic rankings down to the keyword level.

Load the SERP in an instant

Google’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is highly customized based on location and search history making it difficult to emulate how audiences typically see results in the SERP.

With Keyword Research Tool you can inspect the first page SERP for any keyword string in any country.

This provides a reliable objective view of the top 10 results for each keyword and helps you build content that adheres to search intent.

Search by keywords or URL

SEOptimer’s Keyword Research Tool enables you to switch seamlessly between keyword research modes. You can either research a keyword string or a group of comma-separated keyword strings.

Alternatively you can research a domain or URL and the tool will extract all the keywords the site ranks for.

This is a great way to obtain keyword insights at the start of a project and understand what searches drive people to a site as well as identifying any keyword gaps.

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Build content that actually ranks

Don’t waste time and energy building articles and landing pages that don’t rank.Instead, use Keyword Research Tool to take a data-led approach to your SEO strategy.

Find the keywords with the highest search volume, lowest keyword difficulty and highest estimated traffic volume.

Then, build your content around these insights and watch your organic traffic grow over time.

Track your ranking performance over time

Once you’ve determined your target keywords in Keyword Research Tool, add them to SEOptimer’s Rank Tracking Tool to keep tabs on all your target keywords and measure the effectiveness of your optimizations over time.

Not only can you track your keyword performance but you can also spy on competitors and view their ranking performance over time for any keywords.

Find keyword opportunities in over 90 countries

Keyword Research Tool supports over 90 countries giving you international ranking superpowers.The tool provides both country and language insights to help you ace your international rankings.

For example, when researching keywords in Canada, you can switch between English and French.This country x language search criteria helps you find multilingual opportunities at the country level that your competitors may have missed.

Crafting multilingual content is the new growth frontier in SEO strategy and SEOptimer gives you the ability to lead the pack and dominate your niche.

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Why is SEOptimer better than the other tools?

We view a website like a real user, using a browser instead of a bot just reading code, and can see dynamic content and scripts that other tools will miss.

There is a lot more to website’s than just On-Page SEO. We look at a range of important factors that matter not just for SEO but for Usability and Accessibility.

Our PDF reports run fast – the majority of pages can be fully audited, with PDF generated within 20 seconds.

Across reports and the Embed tool you can customize Fonts, Colors, Display Layouts, Content, Checks and Sections, Report Text, Email Content.

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